Dried Fruit Processing


Picking fruit at optimum ripeness, usually from November – February.
Fruit is then kept in cool room between 0-4°C.

Sorting for cutting

Fruit is sorted on belts for defects and over-ripeness prior to cutting.


Cutting machine cuts fruit into halves, removes stones and places fruit ‘cup up’ on trays to then be moved to drying area.


Fruit is sorted on belts again for final inspection, then packaged, labelled, logged, weighed, passed through a metal detector and sealed. Boxes are then stacked on a pallet and put back into the cool room awaiting dispatch.

Sorting and washing

When dried, fruit is removed from trays ,placed into crates in cool room to maintain quality. Fruit is then re-sorted ,washed and . placed on racks to shake of excess moisture  and put in breezeway to dry. Placed into crates  overnight with a sealed plastic bag over the top to equilibrate.When the fruit reaches the correct “aw” reading as determined by the paw kit meter, it is then ready to pack.

Sun drying

The trays are placed on racks outside in direct sunlight. This process can take up to 2 weeks before the fruit is completely dry, depending on weather conditions and fruit varieties.

Australian Organic Fruit

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